Staff Call

A service for NHS Trust residences -a basic local geographical landline service using StaffCall prepaid calling cards for low cost telephone calls, plus a Broadband Internet service with optional calling packages for free UK telephone calls
StaffCall Plus provides telephone and broadband internet services to residential accommodation linked to this hospital.
Our telephone service provides you with the facility to make personal calls at substantially reduced rates and a direct dial local geographical telephone number to receive calls from anywhere in the world.
In addition to our telephone service you can also apply to have broadband internet access installed at your place of residence during your tenancy.
STAFFCALL will provide an internet network access point in your room which will enable you to connect your personal computer to the worldwide web.
To benefit from our internet service you don’t even need to apply for one of our telephone service packages!
We now offer broadband internet on its own, with no extra costs such as line rental, a service we believe is unique.
If you live locally and have a BT line you can still benefit from cheap mobile and international calls by connecting to our Staff Call server.

The PatientCall system has been specifically designed to provide a bedside telephone service for inpatients in hospitals. The service, provided, enhances the facilities provided to patients and also assists in the efficiency of nursing staff by reducing the volume of patient enquiries received on ward nurse stations. The provision of telephone services for patients in NHS Hospitals is very limited and is usually restricted to trolley-mounted Payphones leaving patients with no other facility to communicate with friends and relatives. Research undertaken by a leading UK payphone supplier indicated that trolley-mounted Payphones are, on average, out of order 47% of the time. Being in hospital can often be an extremely stressful period for the patient and their relatives, therefore, having access to the PatientCall service, which provides a personal bedside telephone for each inpatient to make and receive telephone calls, is seen as a major therapeutic benefit to a hospital admission.

Service Package

Totally managed service from installation through to operation
All patient beds provided with service
Separate switch installed to operate service
Adequate card dispensers located throughout the site
No installation, connection or ongoing revenue costs to Trust
PatientCall switch can be linked to local switch to provide access to
HTS telecommunications network for reduced rate business calls
Back-up telephone lines provided as part of disaster recovery planning

Outbound Calls

Purchase of pre-paid calling cards
Denominations £3, £5 and £10 cards
All patient beds equipped with telephone handset
Every bed dedicated (DED) to switch
Patient enters PIN number on reverse of card to access system
Calls controlled by HTS hub
Next time patient uses system advised how much credit left on card
Calls charged at less than BT payphone rate

Services Available

Telecommunications Support
Installation and Setup
Hardware Support & Replacement