Hospicom New Services

What We’re Doing

We have been working with our clients to support their need for improved communication between the hospital and their patients. We have successfully developed services and expanded the functionality of our Hospicom bedside terminals to meet this need. We are very pleased to announce the following services are available to all our clients from June 2013:

1. Patient experience surveys / General surveys

2. Meal and menu viewing

3. Video service to highlight individual departments (eg. ‘How To Guides’)

4. Advertising – Either internal Hospital adverts/stats or 3rd party companies

How Does It Work?

These new services are all available via the information section on our Hospicom terminals. Within this section we can provide a dedicated part of our network to allow our hospitals to expand the way in which they communicate with their patients and provide a more paperless solution.

Hospicom Home Screen

Dedicated Information Section with link displays

It is a very simple, yet effective way of providing patients with a wealth of information from ordering local taxis right through to videos of Physiotherapy exercises to aid recovery.

What Do You Need To Do?

Decide which services are attractive to you to and contact us. We can arrange a demonstration and consultation to discuss how you would like to deliver these services to your patients. We would then need a 10 working day window to deliver your dedicated section. We would then sign off on an agreed date and go live.

What Are The Costs?

The only costs are an initial set up fee (determined by the service you want) and then a monthly rental of the network space. The set-up fee is for us to build and deliver your information section. The monthly fee is for the management of you section. The more services that are utilised the better the initial set up fee as we can combine the builds. We also offer up to 5 advertising boards on the Hospicom home screen to highlight your chosen services completely free of charge. We will work with you to manage the services and provide you with updates on how we can improve. We are currently demonstrating these services nationally and would welcome any interest. Please contact our Commercial Manager to find out more about how these services can benefit your hospital and its patients.