Refund Policy

Hospicom Refund Policy.

Refunds given when:

  • Patient has purchased a Hospicom card and been unable to use the service in any capacity.
  • There has been a failure of more than 50% of the channels of which includes one of the main terrestrial channels.
  • The Hospicom terminal has taken the money twice for the 24 hour viewing period.
  • There has been a fault with the vending machine and a patient has been issued with a card with a larger denomination than requested.
  • A patient purchased a Hospicom card in error, meaning to purchase a Patientcall card.

Refunds not given when:

  • There is credit remaining on a patient’s Hospicom card when they leave hospital, there is no expiry on Hospicom cards and they may be used again at any time in the future.
  • If failure of our service is due to power problems/generator testing with in the hospital which has affected our service and a message was displayed on the terminals advising patients of this beforehand.
  • Failure of our service due to severe weather conditions i.e. thunder/lightening which can affect digital platform in the same way that Sky service at home is affected.
  • There has been a failure of less than 50% of the channels available for the patient to view of which the main terrestrial channels are not included.
  • A patient has purchased a Hospicom card in error thinking it was for car parking or another service provided for by the hospital.